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Types:  Astrological wheel, Fortune Telling, Palmistry, Tarot cards, Sign of the zodiac.

Which one did you like.... Did you believe .... give your comments now

Hyderabad: Save your plans of investing in gold till the last week of January as prices are expected to dip then. Avoid a trip to north India before February 20 as the region is likely to be hit by an earthquake within the first one and half months. Also, stay away from fire as fire accidents might see a spurt in 2009. These words of caution come straight from the mouth of those busy reading the stars, checking the planetary positions and taking stock of 2009 before it starts.

Star gazers in and around Hyderabad, who have been calculating the fate of 2009 now feel that the year is definitely going to be more peaceful than the turbulent 2008, which was bid adieu on a rather sombre note.

People are more likely to bend towards spirituality this year. Even the young and restless, who would otherwise not pay much attention to such practices, will also be drawn towards it. “Bhakti Bhavana is on the cards,’’ says noted astrologer Daivagna Sharma adding that it is the young and especially children who would hold centre stage in 2009. “Children will outshine the rest of the crowd with their extraordinary performance in every field. Their creative talent will be showcased like never before,’’ he says. Women too are predicted to steal the show in 2009. Like Daivagna puts it, “everything they venture into will make them successful’’. Though some cast a doubt on their security in the New Year, most agree that its the year of the fairer sex.

Besides bright kids and ladies, even our politicians would be talked about a lot this year, say astrologers, predicting a major political upheaval.A lot of action in this area would also include regional parties coming to the forefront and hogging tremendous limelight.

“The political turmoil could well lead to an Indo-Pak war,’’ says Kurnool-based astrologer Pelala Prem Kumar who sees a threat call from the neighbours looming large in 2009. M R L Rao of Vishakapatanam, whose readings predict similar situations, however, asks his countrymen not to worry. “Even if we are faced with a war, India will emerge as winner,’’ he says adding that his calculations clearly hint towards some violent outbursts that will primarily target theatres, temples and other places of worship and recreation clubs. His predictions also include epidemic-related deaths by the mid or fag end of the year across cities.

That such tragedies will take a toll on the economic quotient of the country is also a highlight of these readings. Though Daivagna feels that markets will gain some stability in 2009, his fellow star gazers like Chanda Gorakh and Vasudeva Rao do not see any such hope at least till September. “The share market will crash further in the first half of the year with the period from January to March facing maximum crisis. Things might get better later but definitely not before September or October when figures can cross the 10,000 mark,’’ says Vasudeva.

Amid such turmoil, areas like science and technology, music, sports and films are expected to make good business. In fact C Vijaya Raghavacharyulu a vedic scholar and jyotish from Tirupati feels that the country will also prosper in agriculture with the skies indicating good rains this year.


10/6/2008 04:39:23

Did you believe God.... both are same

shock one
10/6/2008 04:42:57

recently I have started to believe in astrology but not too much. That's because it's something that is unclear. Human beings can't really comprehend astrology. I know that astrology hasn't just existed but has been in the world for thousands of years. I know that in China, the former kings had astrologers and fortune-tellers to help them rule the country prosperously. At the same time, in Burma, nowadays, the Junta haven't got rid of astrologers but instead have placed an importance on astrology. By so doing, anytime they want to take a decision to do something, they will ask astrologers.

I agree with you, Princess. We can't say that astrology is unreasonable. It takes human beings to have adequate knowledge about what astrology really is, what is behind it and how to enrich the humanity. Nonetheless, if people blindly follow the result of astrology like what some Junta leaders in Burma are doing, what helps improve this condition? You know what they did by following the astrology? Once they asked an astrologer about the bill notes in their country, that person, as reported, told them that it's a good time to produce a lot of bill notes of number 9. The government started to take an action of doing so, collecting old bills and burning them. What's worse, they didnt'pay back the compensation for a lot of citizens.

Therefore, it can be used for two purposes, bad and good. It's bad if we don't have abilities to understand it and if we still want to understand it blindly. It's good if it assists people's living.

your choice
10/6/2008 04:44:40

Astrology 12 24.00%
Numerology 6 12.00%
Tarot 3 6.00%
None 36 72.00%

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 50.
My choice none...

10/6/2008 04:45:52

They are several people who go through thier share of humour through colums of Astrology. Some find is funny, some find it ridiculous while some truly believe in it. Some people do believe in it, but deny the fact in public with the fear of being ridiculed.
How many of us actually believe in any of the above mentioned things?

Let me start:
I believe in Tarot, as i think it has worked for me to an extend.
Astro: Thanks but nobody can predict my future.
Numero: Well, i don't want to overspell my name

10/6/2008 04:46:47

Believe in numerology. Being born on the 18th (numerical number 9), most of our car numbers also added upto 9 (1818, 4554, 3663). My cell phone numbers also add upto 9. Infact, multiples of 3 are lucky for me.

10/6/2008 04:47:41

To be successful,
according to Astrology, I must be a C++ developer.
according to Numerology, I must be a C# developer.
according to Tarot, I must be a C developer.

10/6/2008 04:48:26

Nadi Shastra is very famous in certain parts of Tamil Nadu. All one needs to give is DOB and the thumb impression (my dad tried it). Half an hour later he came with manuscripts written on leaves. He got my grandparents names bang on, got my moms name bang on. Even told the number of siblings my dad had. I know in Astrology people can fake up a lot of stuff and it will seem to be a coincidence. But I don't think one can fake up names of your relatives. And that too get all of them right. There is something weird about this I tell you.

Check This Kannan
10/6/2008 04:52:50

If you don't believe check below:-
Its correct or note.

Mesha: Profitable business for real estate dealers, and financial institution employees. Big work order for those in export business.

Vrushabha: Good week for R&D employees and engineers. Stock market investors will profit. Good news for medical representatives and marketing executives. And farmers, especially vegetable farmers. Foreign travel likely for music artistes.

Mithuna: Good opportunities steel and cement businessmen. Pressure to face elections for politicians. Civil contractors will sign new deals. Success for professional sportsmen.

Karkataka: Invitation from foreign companies for travel. Harmonious ties for employees with management team. Silk growers will profit. Travel agents will have unceasing work.

Simha: Mine workers, carpenters, stone workers will strike it rich. Dreams of restaurateurs to build a big hotel will come good. Good time for wholesale grain merchants.

Kanya: Working journalists, especially those in print media, will be extremely busy and will write a lot of byline stories. Good news for civil service exam candidates. Tussle for leadership for those in politics, but victory will be yours. Social workers will find fame, stature. Computer sellers, software and hardware, will get do well.

Tula: Perfume sellers will have a good week. Those in education sector too.

Vrushchika: Politicians will be engaged in “secret” talks. Lots of work for policemen, unexpected travel
export opportunities for leather product makers. Silk garment sellers, especially dealing with products for women, will have a profitable week.

Dhanassu: Travel in the offing for professionals, especially advocates. Those in politics will be busy, with planning and “secret” talks. Partnership businesses will enjoy great profit

Makara: Officials will have to take strict action. Corporate employees will travel far on company work. Contractors will receive their dues from the government.

Kumbha: Success for those in social sector. Farmers especially those growing grains and fruits will have good news. Transfers for employed children. Commission agents and lorry owners, drivers and those in transport department, including taxi drivers, will have a good week.

Meena: You will meet big influential people, officials or politicians. Those in excise department will have lots of work, and meet with success.

10/6/2008 04:53:17


10/6/2008 04:54:00

all are assume one

10/6/2008 04:56:40

Iam speaking about astrology only. not about pamistry, tarrot , numerology

Iam not an expert in astrology. i know very little that too generic in nature

In astrology there two broad schools of thought : Indian and western or Lunar based and sun based

Indian system follows Moon. so we have 27 stars with each one having 4 pada's. all these 27 stars are grouped in to 12 rasi's which surprisingly have same nomenclature as that of Zodiac signs.

So in a month all the 12 rasi's will be there.

where as in western system based on sun, there 12 zodiac sings and each sing lasts for one month. so persons born with a month period have same zodiac sign.

Lunar based one can give more accurate readings about an individual than zodiac system

I have friend & colleague who is reasonably good in Indian system. we used to discuss many things, astrology was one of them. with my interaction with him and after seeing the things practically, i can say that there is indeed some basis for the astrology. it can be used to predict many things with reasonable accuracy. one among them is personality. with more than 90% accuracy one can say about the personality of other guy. we tested it so many times

But the accuracy of Lunar system depends upon Time of birth , place and date. some times small changes in time of birth leads to error which is not fault of the system but it is an input error

In indian system there is a concept of Lagna. this is very good indicator of personality.. Lagna depends upon time of birth. this is different from Birth star and rasi/zodiac sign. most of predictions we see in papers are based on zodiac which is a generalization

10/6/2008 05:03:36

Dear All,
I'm doing some research on nadi astrology. can u pl share with me the following:
experience about future predictions coming true till date
name & contact details of the nadi centre where u had ur nadi reading & had a satisfactory experience.
u can contact me at:

10/6/2008 05:11:33

99%. save for the part about us having kids, one of each kind.. we have two daughters.

10/6/2008 05:12:24

think I can answer that (having lived in under developed villages). Position of Sun or Moon or planets has very high correlation with weather. And in such places weather pretty much decides fate.

Read on to find out why this is relevant.

There are two things here:

1. Astronomy
2. Astrology

Telling someone's "fate" involves two steps:

1. Astronomy -- Preparing the Kundli
2. Astrology -- Forcasting person's wealth/love etc based on interpretation of Kundli.

#1 is science #2 is pure FUD (IMHO)

Kundli is simply a "map" of sky on a given time and place. If a particular planet is in a particular "grah" in Kundli, it just means if you look up in sky being in that place and time that planet will be visible in a particular location in sky.

And this part (Astronomy) is repeatable and anyone can test its accuracy (which is not 100%, but close).

If you prepare it for any given lat/long for tonight and observe sky at that place in night, you can verify that planet positions predicted by Kundli will be close to actual positions you observe.

Now, if we go back to 200 years. There were no satellites to observe clouds and predict rains based on that.

Kundli was the ONLY way available that had high correlation with timing of rains.

So getting a muhurt out of kundli was the only way a farmer could decide when to start anything related to crops.

My hypothesis is, people saw it was a great way to make money and started pretending that Kundli can predict a person's future as well.

c.v readdy
10/6/2008 05:18:10

My experience says that opinions (predictions)reports given by astrologers always floating in the air.I seek opinion what is in store for me in carrer.Answers comes that you should make efforts to make a chamge, no indivisual wants get it from sky , every one makes efforts and seeks advise if things are not happening.
I might have to spent thousands of rupees seeking clarification on my shifting to hyderabad and getting a job there, no prper reply yet. In my view these astrogers are doing business not help to indivisaual even after taking money.

10/6/2008 05:22:56

Tell me how is your future...

10/6/2008 13:23:53

based on planets,we r judging our future
by our sixth sense, we can get more favour from the planets .

10/10/2008 07:55:27

S.Sure,of course,absolutely, truly ,Confidentially. If u believe confidence it will happened correctly. u don't believe it not happened., because each and every one happened depending upon her/his thought.

for u
10/11/2008 12:11:15

Lady Luck is smiling on you this year. The beginning of the year will be exceptional in the sense that you will get good gains from the very beginning. Education and career will occupy most of your time and you will be able to complete everything successfully, says Ganesha. The creative creature in you might spread its tentacles to achieve the long-cherished dream. If your dream does not come true at your current job, there are chances to find much better one, which will give free rein to your creativity. There are indications of your entering the institution of marriage soon. Those who are on the look out for their partner might find that special one this year. If you are in love, you can shut the mouths of gossip-mongers by an official announcement of your marriage. Until the autumn 2009, Saturn will transit Taurus\' Fifth House of creativity, of children and love. Saturn will lend a helping hand to bring order in these areas. Joint finances and funds will be the key words for you. Friends and well wishers might support and cooperate with you in all your dealings. Transit of Uranus through Eleventh House of Taurus will also prove friendly for you to fulfil your dreams. However, some ups and downs in money matters are on the cards. You will be able to gain control over the situation soon.

10/11/2008 12:14:45

If u r Leo
The year will see you as a workaholic. However, while you continue to work more and more, it could affect your health and you might even have to undergo a surgery, feels Ganesha. With the entry of Jupiter in Leo\'s Sixth House of jobs, you will have a joy ride on the professional pram. This will serve you with more favorable occasions with more responsibilities. You will enjoy warm and cordial relations with your bosses and seniors at work place. The same thing applies for personal relations as well, especially pets and children. You will reach the zenith in your profession. Uranus is in Leo\'s Eighth House, which reflects the material resources you share with others (business and life partners), so you should be ready to face unexpected events and changes in this area. Neptune\'s transit in Leo\'s Seventh House of partnership may inspire you to believe that your partner is your ideal. Friends will cheer you up when circumstances are not in your favor. You might try new methods and techniques for your overall improvement. There are strong indications of the recovery of lost valuables. But Saturn is now in Leo\'s house of money and forces you to solve your financial problems and to pay more attention to income and expenses. Love, laughter and life will end this year on a happy note.

10/11/2008 12:15:46

if u r Aries

It is a time for action for you. Although you are full of action, you need to show that patience is also your quality. Is it a hard nut to crack? Just go ahead and prove that Arians can overcome any obstacles on the way. You might have to work day and night to earn more money so as to meet your expenditure. Funds, Investments and joint finances will be on top of your mind whole year. This will be in addition to all the socializing and partying that you have been attending since last few months. Unexpected gifts and gains will pour in from different sectors for you this year. Journeys are also on the cards for you. This is a year full of celebrations and festivals for you wherein you will pass your time joyfully. However, you will have to take care of health. Aries\' Sixth House of work and health is to host Saturn, and this will confer on you new professional responsibilities and health hiccups till the autumn of 2009. Shopping, buying and selling are indicated in the months of February, May, September and November, feels Ganesha. Your career cart may take a different but the right direction this year as Jupiter and Pluto are to meet in Aries\' tenth house of career. This will speed up your professional progress if you do not poke your nose into office politics. Uranus, the planet famous for its permanent attribute of sudden change, will continue its transit of Aries\' Twelfth House. You would like to say no to people or places you dislike the most.

10/11/2008 12:17:12

if u r Sagittarius

A leader within you will come out this year and you can prove that your mind is not gripped by any biases. You are going to get a lot of money this year. The year may bring growth, accomplishments, development and wealth. Ganesha advises you to be careful while spending this money. Along with money, spirituality will also come naturally to you and you might feel more inclined towards religion at this point in time. Buying/Selling, Loans, Funds, trading, joint-finances, taxes etc. are the matters which will need your attention. You might also experience passion and love during this year. Property of inheritance and some unexpected gains are likely to fall in your lap. You will take refuge in tantra and mantra to get away from all the tensions of work. If you have not given a serious thought to your career, Saturn in your Tenth House will set you right in a very unpleasant way. If you have been working hard and honestly, Saturn will reward you by acknowledging your merits and giving you more than your expectations. Your professional life should not have any bearing on your domestic life, otherwise you might have to bear the consequences later in life. There can be unexpected events leading to sudden changes regarding your family and home. You tend to look up to your neighbours and family as the God like figure. On the other hand, they are the real source of inspiration for you.

10/11/2008 12:18:17

If u r Libra

This is the year full of entertainment and amusement for you. However, the target areas affected are love relationships and your home and hobbies. There could be relationship challenges due to your new personal empowerment. In personal relationships and romance, you will see changes until the end of the year. You need to see things realistically. Buying, selling or mortgaging of land and property is also on the cards for you, predicts Ganesha. You might also plan to renovate your house. This can be either in the form of some addition in furniture or addition of a room. Ganesha also views that you either move to a bigger house or the birth of a baby may enlarge your family\'s photo frame. You will enjoy a healthy body throughout the year. You might try hard to improve your overall base of operations this year. Ganesha advises you not to poke your nose in others? matters, as this might spoil your relations with them. You will display high enthusiasm and energy and this will be shown in all your ventures, especially creative tasks. Startling changes could surface at work. If you get into conflicts with your superiors or colleagues, try to handle the situation with practical approach. One way or another, in 2008 old problems will pop up again, problems that you considered solved and which you need to clear up now. You will enjoy peace and harmony all through the year.

10/11/2008 12:19:20

If u r Aquarius

The year is full of new things coupled with harmony for you. If you tend to get shaken up by something new, do not worry as these changes are for the better. This is the right time to delve into your thoughts and self-analysis. Life has put its cards on the table for you now. You are now crystal clear about your sources of inspirations and what are the questions that have to be answered. Your mother will act as the perfect role model for you this year, says Ganesha. Secret knowledge, journeys and expenses are also on the cards. You have the tendency to consider yourself misunderstood by the others, but you enjoy a great intuition and an overwhelming creative imagination. You should talk over the issues related to inheritance or the material sources shared with life and business partners. You may be surprised with sudden changes in financial situation. Do you remember similar situation occurred in 2003 also? Visit to holy and remote places are indicated and this will add pleasure to your life. However, there are strong indications of an increase in expenditure. Ganesha advises you to keep the strings of your purse tight for the whole year. You must learn from your past mistakes. If you succeed in doing so, then success will be definite for you. Your health and that of your near and dear ones might become a serious cause of concern for you. You are likely to build a home away from home.

10/11/2008 12:20:22

If u r Virgo

he spotlight will be on love this year. You might get romantically inclined towards the opposite sex and will get a reciprocal greeting of your feelings. If you have already found your love, you can select your romantic route according to your own map, up to marriage and starting a family. If you don\'t have a life partner yet, Ganesha would be surprising not to find him/her by the end of 2008. The year is ready to welcome you with unexpected changes in relationships with the others. Some relationships might end up all of a sudden or you might start new friendships and partnerships. You will also be able to do things that you wanted to do in your life. This will bring that lost smile on your face, says Ganesha. Luck is extremely favorable for those associated with the field of arts like singers, writers and actors etc. Throughout 2008, you will be able to develop your creativity and resourcefulness. You can reach the peak of creativity and associate yourself with meaningful projects. You might wish to undertake a journey either with your partner or alone. Religious Virgos will find this year favorable for prayers and meditation, as all their prayers are likely to get answered during this time. Childbirth is also on the cards for you. However, Ganesha advises you to stay away from any arguments with elders. In short, an overall positive year is lying ahead for you. Saturn\'s transit through its own sign does not worry you, rather it helps you organize your life better and gradually achieve what you set your mind to. 2008 promises to be a good year in which you won\'t get bored.

10/11/2008 12:21:29

If u have cancer

The 4 F?s namely fame, finance, freebies and fancies will come easily to you in 2008. There are strong indications of getting engaged or married to your childhood sweetheart during this year. You love peace and will try to do anything possible to maintain this quotient this time also. Things requiring sharp intellect might keep you on tenterhooks. Journeys to far off places will yield positive results. Extra-marital affairs are also a possibility as far as personal life is concerned. Problems related to financial resources shared with partners might appear as well. But you can come out of this hot water during October and December, favorable for matters related to finances. You might shine bright in profession and business. The action of Jupiter?Pluto in the Seventh House suggests that a partnership (whether business or emotional) will introduce an important change only to better your life. If you want to strike any deal in business or in love, this is the right time, go ahead. Birth of a child in the family will bring happiness and joy for you. You may have to relocate from your current place either for personal purpose or for professional one. Uranus is in Cancer\'s Ninth House, and it creates a positive aspect with Pisces\' native Sun. This phenomenon may create a situation wherein you have to travel, so get ready to go. Ensure that your passport has not expired.

10/11/2008 12:22:27

if u Pisces

The crucial changes in this year will prepare a robust runway for you to take a flight of development in the next year. Positive effect of Jupiter will put a smile on the faces of your friends, social groups and assure the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. Your creative skills will get a boost. Your past work and efforts will not start to yield gains and positive results for you, feels Ganesha. Those associated with artistic or literary fields are likely to shine bright in their respective careers. Love will also continue to rule your thoughts and mind. Old friends and mates are likely to bring that much needed joy in your life. The year announces major changes regarding a partnership, the end of the relationship you are tied in now; you either put an end to it forever, or move to a new phase of the relationship, to a higher level. You are likely to earn from more than one source. Good business deals are also indicated for you. However, as far as official documents are concerned, you should go through them carefully till the last word is not made out properly. You will be highly inclined towards fashionable things like clothes and accessories. You will receive good news related to children. It is an overall profitable year for you. During the year unforeseen changes are expected to happen in any area of your life.

10/11/2008 12:26:41

Check above Zodiac Horoscope.
if all are true. u belive all. its true.

u dont believe its not true. i am a astrologier so i believe. its true.

sandeep Astrologier

10/11/2008 12:34:51

Your rigid, reserved nature may prevail. You have a lack of concentration and also arguments with colleagues and peers which may result into ending of associations

10/11/2008 12:36:09

Stay away from speculation as far as possible, says Ganesha. You may need to plan your finances rightly for it can get burdensome. You may also feel restlessness. There could be new opportunities which needs to be carefully evaluated. You may have to bear the expenses for changing environment around you. You may also spend on comforts, entertainment and spiritual matters,

8/12/2010 02:30:16

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

8/12/2010 22:42:51

All lay loads on a willing horse.

8/13/2010 22:50:06

Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

8/15/2010 20:08:52

Good advice is harsh to the ear.

8/20/2010 20:15:43

o troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words.

8/26/2010 03:20:40

Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair; can transfer knowledge from teacher to students’ words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all man's actions. Do not ridicule the use of words in psychotherapy. (Sigmund Freud, German Psychiatrist)

8/29/2010 21:06:26

Guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment; only there does its satisfaction lie. (Lawence Durrell, British writer)

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