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After being left out of the Rest of India squad for the Irani Trophy, former India captain Sourav Ganguly has been included in the Indian Test squad for the first two Tests against Australia. The buzz doing the rounds is that the series will be Ganguly's last and he is likely to announce his retirement after the series. Over the last year, Ganguly has made over 1,000 runs in Test cricket at an impressive average of nearly 45, which is above his career average. However, he failed to do much during the Sri Lanka tour and had scored less than 100 runs. Is the BCCI being unfair to the all-rounder?

Is the BCCI being fair to Sourav Ganguly?
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surese chavla
10/2/2008 02:01:19

Saurav is a class apart I have ever enjoyed dada playing then sachin or dravid. More a failure as a wicketkeeper, batsman and as a selector. I dont even remmeber More catching a catch which could be remmembered or he hitting a boundary. as a selector he could not introduce a single new face to the side. he is a total failure. Sorry More you should be sorry about youself and tell us which match India has won because of you or how many times u won the Man of the Match award

10/2/2008 02:01:58

Dada the great

10/2/2008 02:02:35


10/2/2008 02:03:07


10/3/2008 04:36:04


Suman Choudhury
10/3/2008 05:04:33

Yes Sir,
You are absolutely right according to my opinion. Now let we wish the greatest Captain of India will prove himself again.

Suman Choudhury

10/5/2008 07:50:27

Did you saw today match.... Ganguly got 14runs india a vs new

10/5/2008 07:51:03

no he is a waste fellow

8/27/2012 13:59:07

I don't know who are you and from where F...k you r hailing from,
but lets take it granted you know bit 2 or 3 much of this ball game.

10/5/2008 09:05:33

rahul,laxman,sachin,anil,and saurav urged to take VRS cricket Board..... what you think.... i told its correct. we encourage youngsters...

10/5/2008 10:02:17

yuvaraj next text player .....

10/6/2008 04:29:03

eventhough the way of his inclusion in the current squad was not in the right manner,(if the selectors where eyeing for the future....)but.."Ganguly" is undoubtly a talented player... whatever it is,,who is 'Kiran More' to comment about ganguly in such manner

10/6/2008 04:29:29

Mr.More dont say anything against DADA,he is a very good player for india,he have the more records,not like you.what you did? just think ur self,you are a zero compare to dada.he have the quality,he have the style,he have the strenght,he have the experience,so he is very good to play cricket. you only selected that srilangan tours what happen there?

10/6/2008 04:30:13

Ganguly is a good looking and hard worker. He is play for Indian Prestige. He is also Practice very sincere and interesting. My vote for Ganguly

10/6/2008 04:30:47

Ganguly is and has always been an excellent player.he certainly deserves to be a part of the team & i am sure he will prove it to everybody out there criticizing him.

10/6/2008 04:31:19

Slectors should pay more attention in their current form of players rather than going back to their records and experience. What it matters most is their performance in the field. There is no darth of promising players in India. They should be given the first oppertunity to deliver. So I think Ganguly dada should prove his mettle in the ensuing test matches against Australia to give justice to the deserving upcoming young players.

10/6/2008 04:31:52


10/6/2008 04:32:23

Sourav Ganguly is one of the best player from India.But veteran player and chief selector Mr. More put his comments against Sourav.Remember More's Cricket Carrier is too short.Kiran's capability & ability is very poor to say any comments against Sourav.In More's time he was a joker with bat and behind the batsman.If anybody choose first 25 cricketer from India in last 50 years Sourav's name must come in he list.Only Cricketer like Gavaskar, Viswanath, Vengsarkar, Sachin And other Greats can give comments about Sourav not Cricket Joker kiran More.

10/6/2008 04:32:58

ICA should apporoach to think for dada's carrier in a great extent. As he has the capability of leadind the team, should looks forward to see him as future couch of INDIAN CRICKET TEAM after his farewell.

10/6/2008 04:33:37

It is a matter of great concern that,why & in what base Kiran has put his comments against great Saurav. What is kiran's capability & ability, BCCI has kicked him out, now he is a member of IPL, therefore kiran has no any right to put his wrong & nonsence commencts against any of BCCI controlled player, specially against great Saurav. I should asked- who the hale he is, how dare he put his comments against great Saurav. Firstly he should thing how valuable player during his short tenure as an Indian player. Better Kiran to stop comments of such kinds of nonsence & rubbish thing. Media should also realise that controversial person like Kiran should not be entertain any more. Who the hale he is Kiran.Should understand why only against of Great Saurasv ? why not others? Kiran should replyed.

10/6/2008 04:34:05

here should be a greaceful exit to all the senior players who has served Indian cricket for years. No player should be treated like god and the top brass of BCCI should not behave like godfather.

10/6/2008 04:34:59

boy! that is true...VVS and Dravid are much more talented than Ganguly but when they are dropped from the team, people don't even realise it. But when Ganguly is dropped, media creates such a hue and cry and everyone feels he's been made the scapegoat by the selection committee and in turn pities him. This needs to change. just 'coz he is a Bengali, doesn't mean he shouldn't be dropped. Dalmiya's to be blamed for all this selection commitee politics.

10/6/2008 04:36:27

I will play well grater than ganguly.. Indian board will select very early.
i am a best player

10/6/2008 04:37:41

I agree that Ganguly has not done well in Sri Lanka recently. But may I point out that Tendulkar's test average in that series was slightly less than that of Ganguly! And, of course, after that mauling from Mendis, he again managed to have that tennis elbow just before the one-day series began! I have tremendous respect for Tendulkar's cricketing abilities. At the same time, I think that there should not be different yard sticks for measuring different players.

10/6/2008 05:33:36

Now Dravid is batting so slowly, the crowd are giving him the slow handclap before every delivery then a bronx cheer when he blocks or lets it go. I haven't seen this kind of stuff since Chris Tavare.

Woah, Dravid just got a single, the crowd goes wild, gives him a standing ovation! Dravid raises his bat, shakes Laxman's hand. Seriously, I'm not kidding!

10/6/2008 05:36:10

Dhoni assigned female commando guard

10/7/2008 01:41:11

1.Virandar shewag
2.Gautham Gambir
3.Rothih Sharma
4.Rahul Dravid
5.Sachin Tendulkar
6.Saurav Ganguly or V.V.S.Laxman
7.Mahindar Sing Dohni (W.k)
8.Harbajan Sing
9.Zaheer Khan
10.Munaf patel
11.Anil Kumbel
12.Yuvaraj sing
13.Virat koli
14.puseh cahvla
15.Iftan Pathan
16.Subramaniyam Badrinath

10/7/2008 01:42:45

Ganguly is a waste fellow Newzland a First inng 14 and second 6runs...

10/7/2008 09:37:35

Sourav Ganguly announces retirement from Cricket

Australia series will be my last series,” said Ganguly. Chairman of selectors K Srikkanth said Ganguly had made the right decision. “Ganguly wanted to play with a free mind and now he can,” said Srikkanth. Player Profile: Saurav Ganguly

Shock Culcata
10/7/2008 09:38:16

Sourav Ganguly to retire after Australia series:

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly said on Tuesday that he would retire from international cricket at the end of the upcoming four-Test Series
Sourav Ganguly gestures during the fourth day of the third Test match against Pakistan in Bangalore.
More Picturest series against Australia. I have decided to quit and told my teammates about it. Australia series will be my last series,” said Ganguly. Chairman of selectors K Srikkanth said Ganguly had made the right decision. “Ganguly wanted to play with a free mind and now he can,” said Srikkanth. Player Profile: Saurav Ganguly India’s most successful captain dismissed suggestions that his inclusion in India's 15-member squad for the first two Tests against Australia was part of a compromise formula to give him the opportunity to retire gracefully. Asked specifically if the selectors had made a compromise with his selection in the team, Ganguly quipped 'absolutely not'.
Matches Runs Ave S.R 100 50 ct
ODIs 311 11363 41.02 73.71 22 72 100
TEST 109 6861 41.84 52.38 15 34 71
Ganguly's floundering Test career received a big boost when the newly-appointed selection panel headed by Krishnamachari Srikkanth named him in the squad for the first two Tests against Australia beginning October 9. The former captain reckoned the series against the Australians will be tough and said he was prepared for the challenge. "It will be a tough series. We will have to fight it hard", he said at the Eden Gardens. Ganguly's career was at crossroads after he was ignored by the previous selection panel, with Dilip Vengsarkar at the helm, for the season-opening Irani Cup tie, touted as a virtual selection trial, at Vadodara late last month. However, a change of guard with the complete overhaul of the selection panel saw the return of Ganguly and he seems certain to play the series opener at Bangalore barring injury. The former Indian captain also met Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) President Jagmohan Dalmiya during the day. It was his first meeting with Dalmiya since he was re-elected to the post. Skipper Kumble over retirement issue Test skipper Anil Kumble had rubbished reports that the Indian cricket board had drawn up a retirement plan for senior players. "We have never discussed that among ourselves. All the talk is only in the media," Kumble said. Justifying the selection of former captain Sourav Ganguly for the upcoming series against Australia, Kumble said the senior players have never performed badly and it was only the media that was casting doubts on their performance after one bad series in Sri Lanka. Kumble said there should have been no debate over Ganguly's inclusion since he was part of the Test team. "He was a part of the last Test series as well. I don't see a change. Age does not matter at all as long as a player is doing well, otherwise I would have retired long ago." "I can't divulge what happened in the selection meeting, but I don't see any change: he was a part of the last Test team, he is a part of this series as well," Kumble contended. Shane Warne’s take on Ganguly Legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne describes Sourav Ganguly as "an intelligent bloke, with some interesting ideas on all sorts of subjects" in his self-written book and pays tribute to Sourav's batting, fighting qualities and self-confidence. Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, is among 11 Indians named by Warne in his list of 100 greatest cricketers. The list of greats, which forms a new book called "Shane Warne's Century", is headed by Sachin Tendulkar and includes all members of the famed Indian batting quartet dubbed the Fab Four - Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman.

Suman Choudhury
10/7/2008 09:44:08

It’s time for the farewell of the Bengal Prince,Sourav Ganguly.The veteran Cricketer finally decided to retire from the international cricket.India’s One of the best captains, said that he will retire from the cricket after the India-Australia Series that is going to be held this month.Ganguly has brought many laurels to Indian Cricket and India.Ganguly made India to be in the WorldCup finals for the Second time.His enthusiastic sporting action and his aggressive nature in the field made a new style in the world of Cricket.

For the past two years, after stepping down from Indian Captain Ganguly was not treated properly and he was denied at all occasions.He was dropped from the Indian team for several times.But the Dada came back strongly with his bat and showed the World that he is still fit to play International Cricket.Even though his handful performances for India, due to some Internal Politics going on in Indian Cricket has made him to announce his retirement.However he also said that he will continue playing for Kolkata KnightRiders.

Dada , the Great Cricketer made himself as a second player after Sachin Tendulkar.His fast growing in Cricket made everybody to think and even many people thought that he would break all record made by Sachin.But his declination in Cricket made his popularity to vanish.The Bowlers always find difficult to bowl offside when it is Ganguly.He is a great Stork maker of Offside and his timings made a great difference in his batting.Not only a batamen but also a very good bowler he is.Overall India is missing an All-rounder.Among the three persons who crossed the milestone of 10000runs in Cricket,Ganguly is the one.He has scored 15 centuries from 130 tests.

All cricketers around the world has praised Ganguly’s decision to retire.Ganguly said that he want to leave the Cricket with a winning knock for his team.This might be the best situation for Ganguly to retire as many youngsters are emerging into the world of Cricket. When history speaks about Ganguly, no one can forget his celebration at lord after winning the Natwest series against England.History will never forget Sourav Ganguly and his contribution to Indian Cricket.I hope he will provide many youngsters from his coaching.

10/7/2008 09:45:13

Bengal Tiger announced Retired....

Thanks Ganguly.

shandeep rahgupathy
10/10/2008 03:18:35

Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Mahendra Singh Dhoni(w), Anil Kumble (c), Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma, Subramaniam Badrinath(sub), Munaf Patel(sub), Amit Mishra(sub), Rudra Pratap Singh(sub)

10/10/2008 03:31:47

Virender Shewag
Gautham Gambir
Rohith Sharma
Subramaniyam Badrinath
Suresh Raina
Abishek Nayer
yuvaraj sing
Yousaf Pahtan
Rahul Dravid
Sachin Tendulkar
Saurav Ganguly
Mahendra Sing Dhoni
Anil Kumble
Harbajan Sing
Pilush Chawla
pragan ojah
Zaheer khan
praveen kumar
Ishanth sharma
sree shanth
Munaf patel
Amith mishra
Washim Jafer

10/10/2008 03:32:29

IFtan pathan

10/10/2008 07:49:14

Dont miss Tomorrow's DADA's Play

10/10/2008 07:50:15

DADA the Great. Dont Forgot to see.

10/11/2008 01:18:49

Hay DADA starts rock.....
Top order Bastsman ooooh!
Sachin ooooh!
DADA the Great.... I am afraid of AUS!

Ganguly Fans Club
10/11/2008 02:04:09

Saurav Ganguly
Name S Ganguly
Major team India
Born Jul 8, 1972
Age 36 years
Batting style Left Hand Batsman
Bowling Style Right Arm medium

Batting stats
Mat Inn NO Runs HS BF Avg SR 100 50 6s 4s
ODIs 311 300 23 11363 183 15416 41.02 73.71 22 72 190 1000+

Tests 110 181 16 6895 239 13434 41.79 51.32 15 34 55 874
Bowling stats
Mat Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Econ Avg SR 4W 5W 10W
ODIs 311 4561 3849 100 5/16 5/16 5.06 38.49 45.61 1 2 -
Tests 110 3117 1681 32 3/28 3/37 3.24 52.53 97.41 - - -

10/11/2008 04:03:29

Ganguly denies interview with daily

Sourav Ganguly Saturday denied having given any interview to a Bengali daily in which he had lashed out at the national selectors.
"The reports of an interview from Bengali daily published in various newspapers are false. I have not given an interview of that sort to anyone and hopefully also in future," Ganguly said in a statement which was read out by Indian team logistics manager Russel Radhkrishnan in Bangalore.

"I would request you to clarify with me before publishing news from other sources," he added.

10/11/2008 04:04:10

I hate losing to Australia: Bhajji

Indian offie Harbhajan Singh tells ESPN STAR Sports his best performances come against Australia because he hates losing to them.

10/11/2008 04:05:51

Hussey ton gives Aussies advantage

Michael Hussey steered Australia to a position of strength on the second day of the first Test of the Border-Gavaskar series.

Hussey ton is 'special feeling'

Michael Hussey has described scoring a century in his first Test innings on Indian soil as a "very special" feeling.

Ind vs Aus, 1st Test: Day 2 highlights

A look at the stats highlights of the second day's play in the first Test between India and Australia at Bangalore on Friday.

Ganguly holds fort in Bangalore

Sourav Ganguly stands tall amidst the ruins as the much vaunted Indian batting falls apart on day three.

Afternoon Session

The Indian batsmen struggled against some good quality bowling by the Aussies. They lost Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni in the second session of play. Ganguly and Harbhajan were in the middle when tea was taken. India are 210 for six. The sad thing was that some of the Indian batsmen contributed to their own demise. Australia will be looking to take at least a 100-run lead.

Morning Session

Prior to the series, Ricky Ponting admitted that Virender Sehwag will be the dangerman. But this morning, he just followed his fellow opener Gautam Gambhir back into the pavilion. Mitchell Johnson won the battle against Tendulkar and followed it up with the wicket of VVS Laxman. At lunch, India were 133 for four.


Hello and welcome to our coverage of the third day's play in the first Test between India and Australia from Bangalore on Saturday. Australia rode on centuries by Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey to notch up 430 runs. While it was expected to be a contest between the Aussie batsmen and the Indian spinners, it was actually Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma who picked up nine wickets. In reply, India were 68 without loss when rain brought an early end to an otherwise fascinating day of play. Third day of any Test is crucial and more so because Sehwag is looking in ominous form. Go Sehwag Go!

10/11/2008 04:25:53

Ganguly start his play. and he proof one more time. what indian cricket board tell about him.......... already he score 239 in bangalore. he started.

Indian Cricket board miss a Good Man
Good Player..... Good Captain.... Goood Team player.....

10/11/2008 08:19:24

Ganguly got 47 in first test

K Shriniwas Rao
10/11/2008 08:22:09

Final fling for Sourav?

Any talk about life coming full circle and cricketers polarising opinions, and Sourav Ganguly immediately emerges as a cliched example. But, the axioms notwithstanding, it is time again to discuss what has easily become the favourite topic ahead of many selection committee meetings - will Ganguly make it?

With the selectors dropping him from the Rest of India squad in the Irani Cup, it had led us to believe that Ganguly's still-flickering career was as good as over. The other seniors were also in the firing line, and we were told Ganguly's head had come under the guillotine first.

The new selection committee, however, may have other plans. If not anything, they at least intend to accord Ganguly the same privileges that will most likely be bestowed upon the other members of the so-called Fab Five. The argument: If Rahul Dravid, with 1148 runs in the last 19 Tests at an average of 35 and VVS Laxman, with 1136 in 17 Tests at an average of 50, deserve a place in the Test squad against Aussies, then so does Ganguly, who has 1565 runs against his name in the last 19 Tests at an average of 58. In the case of Sachin Tendulkar, who has scored 1287 runs in 16 Tests at an average of 54, a new-appointed selector asks: "What if Sachin doesn't retain full fitness for the entire series? Where's the back-up?"

Experience counts

The Indian Express spoke to members of the new committee on Tuesday and none of them were ready to come on record about Ganguly's fate. But three of the five did confirm off the record that they were in favour of giving him a run at the Aussies. "Isn't he the Asian Test cricketer of the year?" reasoned one of them.

"We will definitely take inputs but that doesn't mean Ganguly won't be considered. Against Australia, you need as much experience as possible and, as of now, there's not much choice available for the batting order to rely on," said another selector. And their colleague, from another zone, was even more forthright. "Ganguly will be picked," he simply said.

Vengsarkar's inputs

A lot of emphasis is expected to be given to the inputs provided by Dilip Vengsarkar and his team, who were first instrumental in reviving Ganguly's career in 2006 and now dropping him from the Rest of India squad. However, just as Vengsarkar defied former chief selector Kiran More's stance and trusted his instincts in backing Ganguly's abilities two years ago, indications are that the new selection committee, too, might have a different approach.

From what has been learnt, the board members are not going to involve themselves in making this decision on Ganguly. The message coming out from newly elected president Shashank Manohar's office is that they want the selection committee to take the call. But a lot is likely to depend on the inputs of captain Anil Kumble and coach Gary Kirsten once the selectors sit down to decide. If the skipper and coach are not in favour of Ganguly's inclusion, the tide could turn against him, otherwise the selectors seem open to the idea of having the former captain in the final 15.

The old selection committee had remarked how, while Ganguly had been scoring runs, there were issues concerning the "total package" he presents on the field as a player, raising his running between wickets and fielding as major areas of concern. However, for the new wise men, it seems what is more important at this point of time is experience.

10/11/2008 08:26:05

Bajju scores 50 as India ends day with 313/8

Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan have forged an invaluable and entertaining 80 run stand for the 8th wicket to take India's score past the 300 mark. Indian score now stands at a respectable 313/8.

During this stand Harbhajan, the perennial tormentor of the Australian team, spanked the Aussie bowlers around on his way to an entertaining fifty. He ably supported the Sourav Ganguly till the time he was in the middle and opened up his shoulder after his dismissal.

Earlier, India were struggling to avoid the follow-on at Tea-time as the hosts were reduced to 210 for six at tea on the third day of the first cricket Test against Australia in Bangalore on Saturday.

Sourav Ganguly (38) and Harbhajan Singh (12) were at the crease with India requiring another 21 runs to put on the board, if they want the Australians to bat again in the match.

Left-handed Ganguly, playing in his last Test series, holds the key for India and with him is off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, who played some glorious drives helping India got past the 200-run mark.

Rahul Dravid compiled a fighting fifty (51) before returning back to the pavilion. However, he was not pleased with the leg before decision given without any hesitation by Pakistan umpire Asad Rauf.

A Watson delivery swung sharply and trapped Dravid though the disappointed batsman thought it had got an inside edge. Dravid took 104 balls for his knock and helped himself with seven boundaries.

Dhoni (9) joined the Bengal batsman after the fall of Dravid and the two added 40 runs for the sixth wicket. The one-day skipper however disappointed as he was stunned by a quick Michael Clarke delivery, which uprooted his off-stump.

Sourav and Harbhajan continued the rescue act until the tea break with the latter scoring a couple of boundaries much to the delight of weekend crowd.

Earlier in the morning, left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Johnson bowled an effective first spell of 8.5-3-19-3 that included the wickets of Sehwag, Sachin and Laxman after Brett Lee got the early success for Australia in the form of Gautam Gambhir.

Meena K
10/11/2008 08:31:05

s former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly plays his last Test at Chinnaswamy stadium he will have fond memories to carry with him, whether he scores or not.

That is being ensured by Bengaluru Sourav Ganguly Fan Club.

"Dada will never retire from our hearts," says a banner with Ganguly's picture embossed on it as India played the first Test against Australia.

Sitting beneath the banner is a motley group of people - IT professionals, physicians, college-goers - around 150 of them, who for the last three days have been religiously coming to bid goodbye to one of India's maverick and popular cricketers.

The fans say the club is not an exclusive bastion of Bengalis in Bangalore.

"The club belongs to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or language. One just has to love Dada to be a part of the club," said a member of the club, to clear any doubt that the club has been formed only by Bengalis.

The club members turn glum whenever the topic of 'Maharaj' (as Sourav is fondly called by his fellow Kolkatans) retiring from international cricket comes up.

Ganguly chose Bangalore to announce his retirement from international cricket a day ahead of the first Test which began Thursday.

"He still has a lot of cricket left in him. Dada is the best and has always proved his mettle, in spite of all odds," Shweta Banerjee, a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of Ganguly, told IANS.

"Since he is playing his last international Test series, we thought of coming here everyday and watch our hero playing," added the 21-year-old with a sigh of regret on Ganguly's retirement announcement.

Rahul Sharma, another member of the fan club, says he is so hurt by Ganguly's retirement that he has decided to concentrate on his studies, instead of nurturing the dream of wearing India's cricketing cap someday.

"All along the selectors have showed their biased attitude towards Ganguly. They have made a sacrificial goat out of him selecting and dumping him, now and then," said Rahul.

"Under such circumstances, Dada was forced to announce his retirement and in the process we lost the chance of watching a good cricketer playing for several more years," he added.

In spite of all sadness, the fan club has decided to enjoy the Test match and give a befitting farewell to their "idol" by not spoiling the spirit of the game.

"We are sad that Dada won't be playing cricket any longer. But, by cheering and enjoying the match we want to say that Dada you have given us some great moments and we love you a lot,"

10/11/2008 08:34:58

Bengali daily interview's false: Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly on Saturday denied that he had given any interview to a Bengali daily in which he had lashed out at the national selectors for treating him as the "sacrificial goat" all the time.

"The reports of an interview from Bengali daily published in various newspapers are false. I have not given an interview of that sort to anyone and hopefully also in future," Ganguly said in a statement which was read out by Indian team logistics manager Russel Radhkrishnan here.

"I would request you to clarify with me before publishing news from other sources," he added.

mani dall
10/18/2008 01:39:43

India's leaders laud record-breaking Tendulkar:

India's President and Prime Minister on Thursday led a grateful nation in paying glowing tributes to record-smashing batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

"I am extremely delighted and proud that you have reached the pinnacle of achievement in cricket today by becoming the highest run-getter in Tests," President Pratibha Patil said in a message to Tendulkar.

"You have given joy to millions of Indians and I am sure you will continue to set new standards of achievement in the future."

Tendulkar, 35, broke retired West Indies captain Brian Lara's record of 11,953 runs when he reached 15 on the opening day of the second Test against Australia in Mohali.

"I congratulate Sachin Tendulkar on becoming the highest run-scorer in Test cricket," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said.

"Sachin is truly worthy of the mantle of the greatest run-scorer in Tests. I have been following his cricket and there is no doubt that he is a genius."

Former India star Chandu Borde, who was the team's manager when Tendulkar made his Test debut aged 16 on the tour of Pakistan in 1989, said he was delighted at the achievement.

"His career has been the most followed one in the cricketing fraternity," said Borde. "It seems records chased him and not the other way round.

"His career has been a fantastic example for all to understand that hard work always pays. His concentration and dedication is a lesson for others to follow.

"Despite all these achievements, he is such a humble person by nature and a great help to youngsters. Just by watching him in action, youngsters round the world can learn a lot."

Another former great, Gundappa Vishwanath, hoped Tendulkar would continue to play for a few more years.

"He still has a couple of years of Test cricket left in him," said Vishwanath. "He richly deserves all the accolades as he is a truly committed cricketer.

"Like every Indian at this moment, I am proud of his achievements."

Tendulkar's first coach Ramakant Achrekar said he had been "expecting the record for a long time."

"To be where he is today, it takes lots of sacrifices and commitment and I hope he continues to entertain cricket lovers round the globe," said Achrekar.

"Since the time he joined my coaching academy (in Mumbai) as a 11-year-old, Sachin has been a very keen and fast learner who never hesitated to train hard.

12/25/2008 03:36:57

Did you saw the England serious....

Beauty full actack... Marvlous Performance. Non Stop Victory For Indians. Well Done.

India Got 5-0 In one day.
1-0 in 2 Tests Serious.

All the Best for Indian Team.
Keep it up.
Special Thanks for Gambir,Dhoni.

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