What you think about Galloping Inflation? - C.Venkat Narayanan

Inflation may hit 13%,says Rangaraj   
Inflation may touch 13.5% in Nov: Goldman
2-digit inflation to stay till Dec: report

How to cut the Petrol Hike....

9/8/2008 01:04:02

hay what is inflation....

9/8/2008 01:04:38

we cant do nothing

9/8/2008 01:05:21

good yar but but what you do?

9/8/2008 01:07:49

first government must determine calculate correctly. after then only they can avoid

9/8/2008 01:08:08

what you think

9/8/2008 01:08:39

i dont like to answer

guptha raj kumar
9/8/2008 01:12:27

we must get each and every bill for every things.

9/8/2008 01:13:18

bring out all black money from politicans

9/8/2008 01:14:54

each and every persons must bill the --->"Tax correctly"

9/8/2008 01:16:04

we bring some other tax vat and all. are increase some vat tax.

uma shankar
9/8/2008 01:18:01

did you see... land and house rent, all are increase.

9/8/2008 04:49:05

"The inflationary spiral that could happen with energy prices is too potentially dangerous," said Ken Vol pert, Senior Portfolio Manager at Vanguard. "The Fed would rather overreact than see anything similar to past inflation problems."

9/8/2008 04:50:23

Kick inflation Unique inflation-protected securities can serve to reduce inflation risks and diversify portfolios.

9/8/2008 12:21:56

2 days before inflation decreased wait may be it will decrease.

shankar dhyalan
9/8/2008 12:23:20

why you ask... you take step for inflation...

9/8/2008 12:25:39

don't speak about inflation. may be police will come.

9/11/2008 03:24:03

Rupee hits psychological 45-mark against dollar

9/11/2008 06:24:36

Did you know?

Inflation based on wholesale prices during the period January 1998 - January 1999 was 4.6 percent, one of the lowest in the world.

9/12/2008 02:33:22

Avoid getting loan from banks for higher rate of interest..

9/12/2008 03:10:17

we must put extra tax for IT peoples. Because government staff and IT peoples both are not same.

9/13/2008 07:49:22

Dai karunakaraaaaaa.............

9/14/2008 05:10:51

Dreaming of a better lifestyle?
Inflation bursting your Dream Bubble..... HA Ha HA....

Now Terrorist,Global Warming,World War,
Now Lot of members Website also.... I am not telling about you venkat... good keep it up.

9/17/2008 05:47:22

Inflation is going to high..... expanses is going to high..... my income is going to low.... Advertisement is going to high. information is going to low... my age is going to high....my marriage dream is going to low...

9/19/2008 06:47:49

bank deval........ damdemdumel

9/19/2008 09:49:48

Inflation may boil down to 10%:Rangarajan

Former chairman of the prime minister’s economic advisory council, C Rangarajan, says that the inflation is likely to come down to 10 per cent by December this year.

"Hello change your news....."

karuthu kanda swamy
9/19/2008 09:50:50

NO cut in fuel prices:Deora

Petroleum Minister Murli Deora today said there are no plans to cut fuel prices in immediate future, while terming the fall in global crude prices to the lowest in six months as a "welcome" change.

Suresh Ranganayagam
9/19/2008 09:51:36

Govt cell to monitor global prices

Realising the importance of the international commodity market, the government has recently set up a cell under the department of consumer affairs to monitor developments relating to prices and general inflationary trends in the international markets

9/19/2008 09:53:08

RBI may release monthly inflation data

"Subbarao, as secretary in the finance ministry, had been supportive of the monthly release of inflation data. Now that he is the RBI governor, the central bank is expected to agree," a senior official said

Inflation moderates to 12.34 percent

This is the second successive week that the inflation rate has come down after weeks of increasing continuously

9/19/2008 10:09:56

Petrol prices will not be cut: Deora

I have 2 cars and 3 bikes man. My salary off of the amount is goes to Petrol. Now I am going in bus. now I am newly bought 2 cycles.

This is the only one way for us.

What u said......

9/22/2008 09:07:34

petrol price will increase every year,every month,y? every day .... y? every hour..... y? every moment of our life.we cant control when another solution with out come...

9/22/2008 09:09:54

ooh! i sold out my bike..... i bought new cycle.... even early i will sell my bike also because i cant check cycle air and puncher..... "be walk be healthy for us" how is it?

9/22/2008 09:11:30

kuthu kuthu appadi kuthu..... vijayakanth valga. valga. after then only we can control rising price.

9/22/2008 09:15:46

http://cvenkatnarayanan.weebly.com .....

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y u ask this question
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y i am typing....
why we living?
how we living?

9/22/2008 09:16:24

9/26/2008 08:34:29


10/1/2008 01:10:01

.Oil extends gains on US bailout revival hopes
• Reliance Infratel IPO to be on hold, says Anil
• Rupee drops to new five year low
• Tata, SAIL ore reserves to be reassessed
• ICICI Bank stock bounces back on good word
• 3G tech to open doors for innovative services

10/1/2008 01:16:14

Rupee drops to 5-yr low as stocks slide
- Reuters

MUMBAI (Reuters) – The rupee dived to a five-year low on Monday, as weak local and global stocks and month-end dollar demand from oil firms dragged heavily while intervention by state-run banks offered little respite.

Bank rescues in Europe as Citi to buy Wachovia assets
- Reuters

NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) - Authorities stepped in to rescue three European banks on Monday, Citigroup Inc set a deal to acquire most of Wachovia Corp assets, and U.S. lawmakers prepared to vote on a $700 billion financial bailout plan.

Sensex falls 3.9 pct; ICICI tumbles
- Reuters

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The BSE Sensex fell to an 18-month low on Monday, before trimming their losses to end down 3.9 percent, as fears grew about the spreading global financial crisis would see more foreigners repatriate their investments.

U.S. bailout looms as banks rescued in Europe
- Reuters

WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS, Sept 29 (Reuters) - A swathe of bank rescue deals took shape around Europe on Monday and fear gripped financial markets before a U.S. lawmaker vote to push through a $700 billion fund to deal with toxic debt.

10/5/2008 22:54:15

Mittal loses over 16bn pounds in global meltdown

[Mittal loses over 16bn pounds in global meltdown]

Steel baron Lakshmi N Mittal's fortune plummeted as he has lost 16.6 bn pounds in just 120 days due to recession-hit market. Despite the big loss, he remains the wealthiest in Britain

10/14/2008 09:45:12

RBI to pump in Rs 20,000 cr to help MFs

Tue, Oct 14 01:24 PM

The Reserve Bank on Monday decided to inject Rs 20,000 crore through short-term lending route to help the mutual funds meet their liquidity needs and overcome redemption pressure.

"RBI has decided to conduct a special 14-day repo at nine per cent per annum for Rs 20,000 crore today with a view to enabling banks to meet the liquidity requirement of mutual funds," the Reserve Bank said in a release.

The decision will help the mutual fund industry to meet redemption pressure following the credit crisis in the financial sector.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister P Chidambaram while welcoming the decision by RBI said it was taken in view of the liquidity stress being faced by some mutual funds.

Fund houses said that the move will help in stabilising the mutual fund industry and help investors too.

"Most of mutual fund industry is facing redemption pressures in liquid funds and commercial papers and deposits.

Net asset value of liquid funds is turning negative. The move is just to tell the MFs that they can take from the RBI," R K Gupta, managing director of Taurus Asset Management Company, said.

This will ease the selling pressure which liquid funds are facing, he said.

Welcoming the step, Chief Marketing Officer of UTI Mutual Fund Jaideep Bhattacharya said "in this tight money situation, it will benefit the industry as whole. The redemption pressure which most of the mutual funds are facing, will ease of".

To increase money supply, RBI has been taking measures.

It reduced the mandatory cash requirement for banks (cash reserve ratio) by 150 basis points to infuse more liquidity in the market to the tune of Rs 60,000 crore.

Besides, it also indirectly reduced Statutory Liquidity ratio by one per cent to 24 per cent.

11/17/2008 02:46:05

inflation decrease now change your topics

Ha Ha Ha......

12/25/2008 03:41:07

India now going to control our Inflation.

In between its was Suddenly Increased.
Now Our Indian Masters going to control.
Keep it up. But we have to control the prices. that is the importance thing

10/6/2010 01:29:21

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