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9/8/2008 01:10:28

government did not control rising prise. we dont buy any thing.

guptha raj kumar
9/8/2008 01:11:28

ha ha .... i am laughing about above answer.... good ya.

9/9/2008 00:16:39

what we do.... now inflation is going to increased... so price are increased.... government's can control rising price. first they control petrol price,gas price.They must collect all regular taxes.They bring all black money.increase business taxes. these all are main things.

9/19/2008 09:34:00

Im really feed up with paying almost $4/gallon for gas. (detroit)
Does anyone have a suggestion for getting this under control?

I think the government should cap the prices at like $3 for the next few years. That seems reasonable to me

9/19/2008 09:35:51

Now I'm not trying to be a wise *** when I say this, but I am originally from the east coast-MA. In 1998, we moved to the Houston, TX area and gas there was .98 cents/gallon. My husband then worked in the petrol/chem. field. We moved there only for work. Shortly after we relocated, he was layed off! He then went back to work on the east coast, leaving us in Texas.

It has been several years since obviously, but my point is- I am now in Doha, Qatar on a work assignment and the fuel prices here are rediculous- like 25 US cents/gallon! I'm not suggesting that everyone moves or anything like that. What I am saying is that if fuel can be this inexpensive and plentiful here, maybe what needs to happen is the US needs to other to look at new Allies. We are not able to produce what we require any longer there in Texas or the US. Since we have so many other issues with countries like Venezuela, we need to keep looking. the earth is full of resources, atleast for now.

I don't know how the price of a barrel of oil works, what I do know is there is enough liquid natural gas in a little country like Qatar to last for atleast the next 60-70 years. However at the rate we consume, it wont be long before that is all gone. If we can send people to the moon, why the hell can't we get the automobiles that get us where we need to go without taking the food from our children's mouths?

It is time for change in the great US of A and with presidents like Bush, things will never get better. Perhaps a woman or a black man is exactly what we need.

9/19/2008 09:36:57

Stop competing with the US military in purchasing oil. Those Humvees and Jet planes can burn through a lot of gas. Gas that you and I pay for. Reduce government expenditure and increase the value of the dollar. It can be done but it will take time.

It's easy for a fool to spend but it takes a wise man to save day after day.

9/19/2008 09:37:38

If we want to get better, we need to buy cars with other fuel sources.
- Electrical power
- Solar power
- Battery power
etc etc.

Tom Tom Tom
9/19/2008 09:39:01

Above, I don't expect a life time of cheap gas
but at least the truth !!!
This is out of control.. we are not out of oil.. there are no mass closings of stations like in the 70'S.

There is gotta be some scamming going on, that is why we should be uspet.

I don't know cause we were told that if we consumed less oil then the price would at least stabilize.

Well I and millions of Americans have cut back, a study this last week states that U.S. consumption has indeed dropped since this time last year, but instead the price is nearly doubled.

Almost makes me feel we were lied to again :((

In years past it was based mostly on supply / demand.
We are not out of oil, station pumps all across the USA are pumping just like always, but the prices that were just going up once or twice a month,, have now gone up where I live almost every day this week.

Well we have the supply, but due to Greed, Speculation of supply and profiteering , corruption, and basically an out of control industry, the old rules of supply / demand are out of the window !!

I fear that many BIG OIL execs, ceo's, and oil stockholders have gotten a taste of BIG MONEY
and they are loving it all the way to the bank .
You don't think they wanna go back to what they used to make.

This summer may well set a record for least travel in years, Yet still the prices will rise.

Also if demand in the U.S. is dropping , but is increasing in China, India , and other countries, why should we pay more just to subsidize their oil ???

In closing we are being gouged, yet as average citizens we have little to no voice in this. Other than to start biking, walking, or not pay into this mess.
The government won't listen to us, we get to vote leaders every 2 to 4 years. After that they just take our tax dollars.

All we can do is try to conserve and get by the best we can.

Bush thought the Saudis would increase production to lower prices.

Just look at the facts, it has already been proven that declining use has done nothing to lower prices.
Sad to say, even if the production was increased, I beleive oil companies would simply stock pile it to keep the price just where it is. Even though with current trends leading to a surplus of oil due to people driving less.

It's all boiling down to profit, at our expense.

9/19/2008 09:40:50

Impeach Bush and all his cronies and bring them up on war crimes, bring the troops home, end the war, use the money to build nuclear power plants and subsidize conversion of automobiles to hybrid electric engines and battery power.

The only thing that's stopping us is fear.

9/22/2008 09:23:05 .....

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9/30/2008 08:55:24

No chance

9/30/2008 09:02:58

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