My School and College Days:

My first school was "Mummy miss" I studied there from LKG to 1st standard.  It is in Tirunelveli Dist. Then my Appa got transferred to Srivaikundam. I couldn't complete my 1st standard annual exam. At Srivaikundam I got admission in "K.G.S school". I finished my turn there and then shifted to "K.G.S Hr Sec School" from class VI. There I studied for 7 years. At 2002 I have completed my "Higher Secondary Examination". Even now my school days are greenery. During my school Days sometimes I felt sleepy when a teacher used to start teaching. Once I used to go to playground once I back from my school. Still I remember my tuition teachers their names are Kailasam Sir and Utirapandian Sir, as I was so naughty during my school days I used to get punished from at least once in a weekly. I never get angry on them..  

After my Higher secondary examination my parents sent me to Jayaraj Annapaliam CSI Polytechnic at Nazareth for my futher education from 2002 to 2004.

Next step of my education started at Chennai through " Thangavelu Engineering college", from 2004 to 2007. It has given me an extra dimenstion in my life. I have selected Computer Science Department as my branch. As I have come from a village. I had to put more effort to face the city life. I studied hardly and I got a good aggregate in Engineering. I got good scored without back lock. During my final year I did 22 mini projects for my friends circle in Visual Basic 6.0. I enjoyed my college life as it is totally different from my school days.

My School:- Sri.K.G.S.Hr.Sec.School


The days of delight, pleasure and happiness,
The days of liberty , freedom and joyfulness.
The days when I had the first experience of love,
The days when I had the first break off.
The days which motivated me to study,
The days which that gave me my best buddy.

                                                      My Polytechnic:- Jayaraj Annapakkiyam polytechnic college

Yes, these days are my School Days….
Days….which I will never tend to forget….
That span of life taught me to live my true life,
Those days gave me many things which helps me yet.

The teachers’ memories still linger my heart,
Those teachers were mine parents at school….
Feeding me with the knowledge and information,
Never allowing me to think of any fascination.
  I'm indebted to those fairies of education,
I bow before them for their dedication.

My College:-Thangavelu Engineering College

College campus still haunts my dream….
Remembering the canteen where I use to have my meal.
I still remember of forty bugs I have them to give,
The Labs, where I use hide from classes comes in my dream.

Those Golden Years of life are my best memories,
Those memories are all real but not fantasies.
Whenever I come across that old building,
I get inspired, self-motivated for my new beginning.
That school life we get once in life-time,
Enjoy that time….but always keep your studies at prime.