India Vs Pakistan War 2009? III World War Hits In 2009 - C.Venkat Narayanan

We don't want to sound as the devil's advocate but looking at the rising tensions between India and Pakistan it is looking like the clouds of war are looming over the skies. It has been a teething issue of militancy and cross border terrorism that has been happening from decades that has spoiled the peace and economy of the country in many ways.

But the recent terror attacks in Mumbai have been a straight shot on the heart. India is not taking it easily and they have indicated strongly of air attacks if their demands are not met. On the other hand, Taliban has declared it is ready to fight if Pakistan is attacked. Given the hawk eye of the US government on Taliban this is more than a reason for them to weed out the extremists and once US involves then the magnitude of this battle will change for sure.

While the fear is still high on many quarters and the three forces of defense- army, air and naval have been gearing up in full strength and Pakistan being adamant on their stand it will not be long before a war ten times more higher than Kargil will take place and a skirmish in the sub continent would mean an inevitable war involving other powerful nations of the world.

1/3/2009 04:01:37

Greetings and thanks for your comments concerning the website. And as far as the tensions between India and Pakistan...well...let us hope for the best.
Happy 2009.

Manmohan Sing
1/8/2009 04:08:55

Nobody wants war but situation worrisome

Times of india
1/8/2009 04:09:41

War talk reaches fever pitch in Pak media

1/8/2009 04:18:31

India-Pakistan nuclear war would spell global calamity.

Must war should be happend and pakistan will go to hell.
I think This is the best Ind-Pak match.
I am going to pray the god. it is not a test mastch. 20twenty match. must ind a will win and safe.
Jai hind

1/16/2009 03:22:28

Welcome to our army. War Started.

1/19/2009 03:29:54

India Gave 10 days time to pak.

After 10 days India start the Rock.



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